Fortylove is a Swedish tennis label founded in 2021. Born out of the desire to create tennis wear that couple contemporary design and classic 70’s tennis aesthetic.

The mission is to challenge the concept of tennis wear - to bring back style heritage but add new life with a distinctly modern twist. With a sustainable mindset Fortylove sets out to create, not just because, but to make a real difference in tennis wear. 

We make clothes with long-lasting quality and design. We don't follow fashion trends, our aim is to create clothes that last and that you’ll love to wear for years. 

Our first product was the Timeless tennis skirt. With a slightly lower length it has become a big favourite on court. Made from recycled polyester and Parley Ocean Plastic, the mindfully-designed skirt ‘serves a purpose’, made with the planet in mind. Dope dye technology creates less water waste by adding colour directly into the material mix at the initial stage of production, so when the fibre is formed, it is already the desired shade.This year we will launch a wide range of tennis wear. 

The Fortylove concept is made for dedicated tennisplayers who are as passionate as we are about tennis. A destination for tennis wear, inspiration and events. We are a small brand, with the aim to have a close connection with our community. Through social media, we have a dialogue with our followers so that we can produce products that are in demand.

We would love that our clothes will be worn at many tennis games and be loved for a long time!

Love from Forty Love -

Lisa Malmsten Founder & CEO